Put Me in COACH!!

They are some of the most respected people in the world.  They have shaped and changed the lives of many.  Without them, some of the most successful people in the world wouldn’t be where they are today. All the greats have had one. We refer to them by the term COACH.

It used to be when you heard the term Coach, you thought of the coach of a sports team.  The guy standing behind the bench or on the sideline yelling at the players and at the refs.  But in today’s world, the term coach has taken on a whole new meaning.  There are coaches to help you in every aspect of your life from your health and fitness to your finances to your relationships.  These people play a key role in the lives of so many people.

Being a fitness coach and a life coach myself, I know the importance of working with someone that not only has more experience but can help you see your goals at a different level and help you break them down to accomplish them.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t feel that spending money on a coach is worth the investment.  They say to themselves “I don’t need someone to tell me or show me what to do. I can do it myself”.  That may very well be true, but keep this in mind, would Michael Jordon, Wayne Gretzky or Tom Brady be the successes they are today without the coaches they worked with throughout their careers? Absolutely not! I recognize the importance of having coaches and I’m fortunate to have two of the best coaches in Canada work with me to help me achieve my goals.

Jason Green (Team Green) is the premier Fitness and Bodybuilding coach in Canada.  I’ve been working with Jason for four years.  He has taken my physique to a level I never imagined I could reach and helped me win two regional titles and a third-place finish at the provincial championships.  With Jason coaching me I am able to focus on the plan and not worry about when to change it.  He sees my pics weekly, makes the necessary adjustments, and I just go to work. I don’t always agree with the plan, but I trust the process.  More importantly, I trust him.  I could easily train myself for a competition, but I would be missing out on having someone with an astute eye judging my progress (or lack of) week in and week out.  And I would have to spend time worrying about how and when to make changes to the plan instead of putting all my focus on following the plan.

Rod Macdonald www.indestructiblehuman.com is my Personal Life Coach.  From the first time I heard Rod speak over two years ago, I had an instant connection with him and I knew I would work with him one day.  I procrastinated about it for a long time, but I finally began working with him this year.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  As motivated and ambitious as I am, I still needed help with my direction, focus and breaking down my goals to achieve what I ultimately want to achieve.  We talk twice a month and text or email regularly.  His guidance, direction, and knowledge are invaluable to me as I keep working to make RichBody a huge success.

Whether it’s a coach, mentor or a friend that can help you, I feel it’s extremely important to have that person in your life helping you and guiding you.  They see things we don’t see and uncover things in us that we never knew we had.

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