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If You’re Too Careful, You’ll Hurt Yourself

No one ever thinks they’re going to get injured. Especially not doing a simple task you do every single day, multiple times a day. Think about it, if you were scared of getting injured or hurt all the time, would you even leave the house? I used to play a lot of sports. Football, basketball, hockey, golf, skiing and even running. I loved being active and I’m extremely competitive, so sports are just a natural progression for me.

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 14yrs old. Out of all the sports I played, nothing got me more passionate than bodybuilding. So, when I decided to become a competitive bodybuilder, my love of ALL other sports went away. Not so much because I didn’t like playing them anymore, but more because I was afraid of one thing…. getting injured! The one thing I feared most was getting hurt playing another sport and not being able to train. What if I pulled a hamstring really bad playing football? I wouldn’t be able to train legs for weeks! What if I took a bad swing playing golf and hurt my shoulder? How would I be able to train upper body? I’ve always been really smart when it comes to training. I do things the right way in the gym and I never let my ego get in the way during lifts. This has helped me a lot over the years having never had a serious injury in the gym.

So, by taking so many precautions, you’d think…I’m never going to get injured! Right? WRONG!!

It was something so simple. It was something I had done hundreds of time a day. How could something so simple cause such a terrible injury?? I broke my foot going up the stairs. Not down the stairs like a normal person would, but UP the stairs. Ankle broken on both sides, broken fibula and torn ligaments. All while slipping going up the stairs. Now you’d think I learned my lesson about being so careful all the time and just do other things I enjoy doing. Cause you can get hurt doing just the simplest thing, like walking up the stairs. But no, my beloved bodybuilding is much too important to me. So, when I heal completely I’ll go back to doing the one thing I love and I’ll still be extra cautious about doing anything where I can potentially hurt myself.

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