Forty at its Best

Contrary to what most ordinary people feel, I’ve always been excited to turn 40. Call me crazy, but hey…have I ever been anything like the “ordinary” person? NOPE. I’ve just always felt that accomplishing things later in life and at an older age is so much more satisfying than when I was younger.

Let me explain a little more in detail before you start thinking I’m crazy. The reason I’m excited about turning 40 has a lot to do with my career in the fitness industry, my physique and my health. You know what it’s like in your late teens and early twenties…. getting (and staying) in shape was easy. I had lots of time to go to the gym to train and I could stay at the gym as long as I wanted. My body responded so well to the training, dieting and supplements. And it seemed like I could stay up all night partying two or three nights a week and it would barley affect my performance or my physique. Don’t even get me started on the food. It even seemed like I could fall off my diet for a few days at a time, and my abs just wouldn’t disappear!

Then came my thirties. Now I’m married, I have very small children and a good job. My body looks the way I’ve always wanted it to. My muscles have gained some good maturity and my muscle memory is working so well that if I take time off it doesn’t take so long to get back at it. The kids aren’t in school yet and they’re too young to do many activities. So, with the support of my wife and some extra time on my hands, I decide to start competing as a bodybuilder. It was something I was quite successful at having qualified for the National Championships a number of times. I was getting quite busy coaching athletes and doing life transformations for people that I created my own brand and stated my company Richbody Inc.

Now, I’m 40! I have a very successful career in sales that has me traveling a lot. My kids are both in multiple sports and activities every day of the week. I am a very proud family man. Richbody has grown to be not only a personal training/coaching service with numerous clients, but I also promote and run multiple events throughout the year. I’m still competing at a high level as a bodybuilder and now do multiple photo shoots throughout the year as well. With so much more going on and so little time to spare, I find it much more gratifying to accomplish all these at a later stage in life when most people tend to have found a comfort zone and look to do less and less as the years go on.

So, am I happy to be turning 40?? ABSOLUTELY! Because the older I get and the more I can accomplish compared to when I was younger and had more time and less responsibility, the more accomplished I feel.

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