About Us

“We are passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our family. Through balance and dedication we aim to guide and inspire others to live a healthier life.”


A large part of success is having a strong support system. Being competitive athletes, all while balancing the lives of two busy girls and hectic careers – Jen & Richie Keirouz understand what it’s like to be on the center stage of a juggling act. However, overcoming many obstacles, they manage to ensure that fitness, health & proper nutrition is always a key aspect of their lives. With a passion to help others, Jen & Richie founded Richbody to show others how they maintain this healthy lifestyle.

At Richbody we are passionate about inspiring & guiding others to live a healthier lifestyle. Our objective is to show people that, no matter the adversity they’re currently facing, it’s possible to push through and take your life to an extraordinary new level, becoming successful beyond your wildest imagination. We want to show people that the path to a better life all starts with fitness, nutrition, and a positive state of mind.




Meet: Richie Keirouz
Age: 43 years old
Career: Sales in the the produce industry
Richie is a Canadian Physique Alliance judge
and ambassador who is a champion bodybuilder competing for
10 years and an internationally published fitness model.
Meet: Jen Keirouz
Age: 38 years old
Career: Pharmacy Tech
Jen is a Champion Fitness Competitor and published fitness model
who has been chosen 3 times as one of Canada’s Hottest & Fittest Women.